Llamas in Bolivia
Hanging out in Bolivia
Bolivian cheese!
More Bolivian cheese!
Butterflies feeding.
Floral Vanitas
Butterflies in Sumatra.
Thomas's Leaf Monkeys.
Thomas's Leaf Monkey.
Wild mum and baby.
Flying in Bolivia.
Flamingo in a salt lake in Bolivia.
Journey to Isla del Sol.
Market in Bukit Lawang.
Pampas wildlife.
Lost dog of Rurrenabaque.
Hanging out in Bukit Lawing.
Turtles in the Pampas.
Flying in the Norfolk Broads
Flying in the Norfolk Broads
ITN Production Gallery
General Election 2015 - Ch5 News
Sian Welby Weather Presenter
The 2012 Olympics
The 2012 Olympics